Patrick Godet

Patrick Godet

Patrick is a craftsman where restoring motorcycles is concerned, if he were dealing with paintings, he would be called an artist of the Vincent school!. Art is in the Godet family genes, his brother is a renowned and successful painter in the impressionist style.

Patrick has an unapproachable record in the restoration of Vincents and Historic Racing Motorcycles. He is a dedicated user of these machines as well as a restorer, having toured Europe on his trusty Black Prince and is also a Classic Racer of no mean ability.

His first love is for Vincent motorcycles, he has a passion and feel for these most charismatic of all of the British classics, incorporating all of his years of expertise and love into his restoration work.

Patrick has been a member of the Vincent Owners Club since 1974, he was the youngest section organiser in the club when he founded the Section de France in the seventies and was the organiser of its early rallies.

He spent the seventies touring Europe on his Vincent attending many rallies and doing a high mileage. He visited the Shadow Lake Rally in 1977 in Canada and won the concours award in 1979 in England for his enclosed 'D'.

Patrick's first Vincent was a Norvin but he quickly switched to a Black Shadow which was heavily used both solo and with a sidecar. He then acquired a Black Prince which he kept until the early '80s when he sold it to start classic racing, on a Vincent of course!

His racing exploits on his big twin became legendary. Working from his Black Shadow, Patrick converted it to Black Lightning specification, and beyond!, to win many superb victories , in fact from 1979 to 1983, if he entered, he usually won, such was the formidable nature of the Godet / Vincent combination. It would be nice to attribute this success solely to Patrick's riding skills, but the machine played a large part, indeed Veteran journalist Alan Cathcart maintains that the Godet Vincent was one of the fastest machines he has ever ridden, strong praise from a man who regularly tests modern GP Racing bikes! Cathcart also used the Godet Vincent as a reference point while reporting on the newly developed RTV machine some 15 years later.

1983 was the last year Patrick regularly campaigned the big twin because he was then the chairman of the newly formed French Classic Racing Club AFAMAC, and found, as many people do, that it was difficult to organise and race as well. He was still successful however, winning his class at the Vintage Motorcycle Club Snetterton meeting that year.

To maintain his competition links, Patrick lent his bike to Hubert Rigal who had recently retired from a very successfully modern racing career in GP's and endurance racing. Hubert rode at the Vintage Motorcycle Club's Race of the South at Brands Hatch and won convincingly, indeed so powerful was the Rigal /Godet /Vincent combination that day that he won every race he entered and was voted the Rider of the Day and the Vincent was voted Machine of the Day. Hubert then went on to Monthlery where he again won, beating John Surtees in the process.

These two victories were the first time that a Frenchman had won an Historic race on English soil, the old enemy seeking some small revenge for Agincourt, albeit a little late!.

Pressures of business and a newly born son, kept Patrick away from serious motorcycling participation for some years, but not from Vincents or the Vincent Owners Club.

In the early 1990's Patrick was involved in a large Classic car and Classic Bike restoration business, his main love was still Vincents, and it was at this time that he arranged the re-importation of a batch of Vincents from Argentina. Despite having worked on such exotica as Aston Martin race cars, Patrick was still a Vincent man at heart and in 1994 he started his own, somewhat smaller business, specialising in Vincents but with the addition of other thoroughbred Racing machines. He now has over 25 years of continuous Vincent experience behind him.

With permission from Fritz Egli to be the sole manufacture of new racing machines under the Egli name. The experience within Godet Motorcycles SARL, will ensure continuing production of the highest quality, as befits this historic marque.