Egli Vincent

Egli Vincent

Egli Vincent
Manufacturer Fritz Egli
Production 1960s - 1970s

Egli Vincent

Perhaps the most famous of all the machines built by Fritz Egli is the Egli Vincent, of which around 100 were produced between 1967 and 1972. These superb machines are now being manufactured again by Patrick Godet in France.

Over the past decade or so, Patrick has refined and developed the motorcycle which was produced in Switzerland by Fritz Egli in the 60's and 70's as a means of providing one of the fastest and best handling road and race bikes in the world.

The fabulous Egli Vincent became a byword for high quality hand built production machines. It is only natural therefore with Patrick's love of Vincents and his outstanding abilities as a craftsman, that the challenge of perpetuating these fabulous machines would appeal to him.

So with a great deal of thought and consideration, Patrick decided to see if he could produce improved copies of this bike, with his skill base as a starting point, Patrick decided that he would manufacture these bikes himself, with most of the work done 'in house' so as not to compromise his standards. To manufacture a complete machine like that would of course be a massive undertaking, so Patrick has bought in only components where he is confident of only the highest quality parts being supplied.

Patrick was so confident of the quality of his work, that he took a completed machine over to Switzerland for Fritz Egli to look at. Although Patrick had no worries about the bike speaking for his abilities, it was obviously a very brave thing to do, would Egli see Patrick as an usurper?, how would he react to the changes that Patrick had made?, would he regard them as some sort of an insult to his original ideas? It was with an understandable degree of trepidation therefore that Patrick wheeled the machine out for Egli to view.

Any questions were quickly answered when Fritz Egli saw the bike as he was delighted with the quality, finish and authenticity of Patrick's machine.

Indeed so impressed was Egli, that he gave Patrick the rights to use the name Egli on his Vincent engined machines. Patrick is the only person to whom Fritz Egli has awarded that accolade.

It is not only Fritz Egli who approved of Patrick's work, as one of Patrick's Egli Vincents was on display in the prestigious Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao as a part of the display of Motorcycle Design Icons.