My Vincent Website

This website is dedicated to the motorcycles from the Vincent-HRD company. I feel honoured to be one of those who have the chance of time spent with one of these machines. I shall be expanding this site on a regular basis. If you have any comments or additions to suggest, please let me know . So far I have had quite a bit of feedback from this site and would like this to continue. If anyone has any suggestions for new sections or content then please let me know.

There might be some of you who have heard of Max Lambky's attempt to set the Land Speed Record with a Vincent. A new section has been added to this site to show you what it's all about. This part of the website can be viewed by clicking here or by following the navigation to the 'People' section.

A new section in the galleries has been added for the incredible new Vincent being built by WHE in Australia. Click here to see more or follow this link to themselves.

Those of you who have visited this website before may notice some things missing. After failing miserably to stop idiots signing up to post porn and pill links into the forum, they have now started to try to corrupt the gallery with equally dodgy comments.

Upon further investigation, no one has used the forum for over a year now and no new galleries have been added so the solution was clear - remove both of these items.

I have reverted to my older gallery style and if you want pictures of your Vincents added then please send them to me and I will add them.

So far there are 80 (80 are complete) pages organised into 8 categories. There are no pages missing. There are 33 galleries and 25 videos.